GHOSTBUSTERS After Reading This Article For Sure You Will not Play this Game

From the developers that brought you sexy nazi killing vampires and that terrible kinect Star Wars game. comes a game that beat the odds and resurrected a long dead franchise.

Without completely destroying your childhood in the process ghostbusters witness a nerd fantasy brought to life as you play through a video game sequel to a classic movie franchise.

Rip and started by the actors from the field where you return to the ghost invested streets of 1991 New York and trap specters alongside the original Ghostbusters crew by holding down the button and spewing proton she is on anything that mousse, slip on the jumpsuit of the rookie are nameless cadet is joining the Ghostbusters for some reason and join it with a shockingly star-studded cast of characters from the film’s to bust your way through the most worthwhile Ghostbusters content since the early nineteen nineties.

Which is still a middling third person shooter was a minor puzzle elements comparable to Disney Magic Kingdoms get ready to be buried under a massive pile of ghostbusters fanservice. as the game dishes out everything you’d want from a faithful ghostbusting experience and you play through hours of original Ghostbusters riding in voice acting along with the visual effects we could expect from a modern coasters movie.

Except stuck forever and the uncanny valley of terrible early 360 graphics that approach rarely works with me . is in a world where Ghostbusters games have been forgettable to outright monstrosities get ready for a game that breaks the mold just by being adequate as the setting script and charming celebrity voiceovers cover up the fact that you spend most of the game anglesey wandering around searching for the next goes to fight in a less engaging version of luigi’s mansion where all the cute characters are replaced with wisecracking old man.

Take on the meat of the gameplay the ghost battle sections where you’ll unleash a flurry of particle effects slide and explosions and rip the environments to pieces. in a gameplay mode whose only real challenge is keeping your cursor on your enemies or go online for co-op busting action in a pretty cool online mode.

That was subsequently totally abandoned oh and don’t worry about crossing the streams because get video games. so strap on your proton pack and prepare for a giant shot of ghostbusters nostalgia with the franchise heading in new directions who knows what kind of games will end up with next but for the meantime you can visit  for Hay Day free diamonds.

At least we know they’ll be better than this starring the ghost of a booger captain crunch, the Michelin Man, hey kids remember libraries know a pilot job meets wait busters, quail egg, Paul Rubens and literally the cast of ghostbusters, spirit stuffers as bad as some of this game was at least they gave us what we wanted instead of making us wait 30 years for a bridesmaid recruit.