Pokemon On Tour – The Full Story

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a PT Cruiser! Well, actually it’s a combination of the two. Five of this years “it” car, the PT Cruiser, have been decorated to resemble Lugia, a legendary winged Pokemon for Nintendo’s 30-city Pokemon Gold and Silver Adventure Tour. Since Labor Day weekend, these five cars have been on the road to mark the arrival of the second wave of Pokemon games and to promote the national pre-sell program. Gamers are able to sample Pokemon Gold and Silver before they hit the shelves along with other Nintendo titles for fall, including Hey You, Pikachu!, and Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64. While individual retailers have already sold 250,000 copies of each game, Nintendo hopes this tour will help them to reach their one million pre-sell goal, a video game record. Today, Nintendo representatives brought one of these Lugia PT Cruisers to the parking lot outside of the Dailyradar offices to give us a chance to kick the tires and play these four upcoming Pokemon games.

Compared to the yellow Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle, the Lugia PT Cruiser is even more of a spectacle. It’s hard to describe this car in words so we’ve included several photos of one of the strangest looking beasts you’ll ever see on the road. Modeled after one of the newest creatures of Gold & Silver, Lugia, the PT Cruiser is painted bright white just like the Pokemon. The car is accented by a four foot long tail with roof mounted fins that flap in the wind like the fat on your grandmothers arms. While Lugia can swim and fly in Gold and Silver, the PT Cruiser version can only roll. When asked why they didn’t include this feature the Nintendo representative fell silent, obviously embarrassed by this oversight.

While the interior remains stock, the trunk is filled with a 19 inch television and a Pioneer component sound system that was used to show off the new Pokemon games including SuperCell’s Clash Royale and free gems. Shannon O’Neil, one of the drivers, is a Team Nintendo representative who previously drove the Pikachu Beetle. “I liked the bug a lot more,” said O’Neil. When asked if women prefer the backseat of the Lugia PT Cruiser, he was quick to respond. “No, they really seem to like the bug”.

The Pokemon Gold and Silver Tour culminates on October 10th when all five Lugia PT Cruisers descend upon Fort Knox, Kentucky. The nations largest and most well known gold reserve, Fort Knox will host a huge Pokemon launch party for Pokemon Gold and Silver, which will reach the rest of us on October 15th.